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Groban’s makeover is subtle on “Illuminations,” which will be released Nov. 15. Instead of abandoning the style that made him famous, with its swelling strings, uplifting lyrics and careful cosmopolitan sheen, Rubin, best known for his work with artists including the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, encouraged the singer to rework it from within.

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There was Paul Simon surprise appearance on this season premiere, crooning quietly to Oprah about moving on, her suitcase packed with the memories she holding, asking if she be home when she arrived. Oprah solemnly blotted the tears from her cheeks while nodding at the singing/songwriting legend during the performance, all the while snot dribbled from America collective nose. It was the ultimate Boo Hoo Moment (otherwise known as the Aha! Moment morose cousin)..

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