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Best Place to Drink Good Beer Whilst Ogling Hot Girls in Dirndl: Hofbrauhaus (4510 Paradise Road) Who doesn’t like to ogle women in those bust enhancing Bavarian waitress uniforms popular around Halloween? It’s even better when said hotties bring beer and shots to your table with a live oom pah band in the background. Hofbrauhaus imports almost everything, including the beer, the chefs and the bands for the authentic German beer hall experience. If you hurry, you can still bask in some Oktoberfest jubilation through the end of the month, including the exceptional Oktoberfest lager..

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Cheap Jerseys china It’s not clear what else she would like to do in television, and who would sign her at the price tag she is likely to command from Fox. Kelly hosted a prime time interview show on the Fox broadcast network last spring Trump was one of the subjects but it was not considered a success. She’s signed on as a guest host on Kelly Ripa’s syndicated talk show for the day after the election.. Cheap Jerseys china

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