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Replica Hermes Birkin Bags Like its peers, Wijaya Karya had expected a revenue boost from the 290 trillion rupiah ($22 billion) the government had budgeted for infrastructure projects this year, a more than 50 percent increase from the previous year.Investors, equally encouraged by Widodo’s five year, $455 billion plan to beef up dilapidated facilities, have pumped money into the big four state builders.These valuations, however, look increasingly precarious as the hopes that Replica Hermes accompanied Widodo into office last year Replica Hermes Handbags collide with the red tape and land disputes endemic to Southeast Asia’s largest economy.”We had made the lowest bid for many projects, hermesbagss com but the government hasn’t announced them yet,” Wijaya Karya CEO Bintang Perbowo told Reuters. “As there’s a delay on the government side, we have to tweak our strategy.”Foreign investors have accounted for 42 percent of the Indonesian stock exchange turnover so far this year, and Thomson Reuters data shows Baring Asset Management and FIL Investment Management were, as of March, among the top 10 investors in Wijaya Karya.The company, like other state contractors, is expected to support the government’s infrastructure push and had banked on state projects to account for more than half of 31 trillion rupiah it targeted for contracts this year. But worried about the government delays, it is now aggressively chasing private sector clients, Perbowo said.”There isn’t much time left,” he added.Total revenue of the four state contractors fell 9 percent in the first quarter, the biggest drop in two years, Thomson Reuters data shows Replica Hermes Birkin Bags.

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