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With six Serial ATA RAID ports, a dozen USB ports, an HD audio interface, and even a seldom used Gigabit Ethernet controller, the ICH10R has just about everything a high end motherboard needs. However, it doesn’t offer Firewire, forcing mobo makers to seek out auxiliary peripheral chips to provide a little 1394 love. Asus settles on a Firewire chip from VIA, while Gigabyte employs one from Texas Instruments and MSI one from JMicron..

A sign of resiliency was visible last month when Greek and European officials wrangled over the terms of Greece’s financial bailout. The negotiations raised Wholesale NFL Jerseys long dormant concerns that Greece might exit the euro. But Behravesh, the IHS economist, noted that other troubled European countries, such as Italy and Portugal, didn’t experience a jump in bond yields.

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“There were hundreds of folders.”He was extradited last month to the United States to face charges he hacked political elites, including Gen. Colin Powell, a member of the Bush family, and former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal.A source said he was escorted to a Virginia jail by FBI agents who spoke to him in transit. Officials emphasize that investigators have seen nothing so far to substantiate his claim but that the investigation continues.RELATED:Judge: It ‘may be necessary’ to depose Clinton in email caseLazar, 44, did not give any proof to back up his claim and would not provide copies of the emails he said he downloaded from the Clinton server.Still, a former FBI special agent who ran major cybersecurity probes found his story credible.NBC News asked Chris Tarbell, who broke open the Silk Road case, to review Lazar explanation of how he got into the server.”It plausible,” Chris Tarbell said, adding that Lazar conviction for hacking in Romania showed he had the know how to carry it out.Tarbell added that he could not imagine why Lazar would make up a claim that could get him in very hot water.”To go on television and admit to a felony you didn commit seems a little silly,” he said.Although Lazar has pleaded not guilty to the federal criminal charges, he boasted about the Internet intrusions in his first American on camera interview which can be seen Thursday on NBC Nightly News and Sunday on Dateline “On Assignment” premiere.RELATED:Is Bernie Sanders waiting on Clinton email ruling?The unemployed taxi driver recounted how he used a cheap computer and cellphone and intensive research that allowed him to guess passwords and security clues to make a name for himself in Romania, which is such a hotbed for hackers and cyber scammers that the FBI set up a permanent office there.He set his sights on Washington, hoping to uncover evidence to support his outlandish belief that an international cabal called the Illuminati is secretly controlling world affairs.

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