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Frank and Jesse James; Cole, Bob and Jim Younger; and Charlie Pitts rode southwest through a string of small Minnesota towns. Dundas, Millersburg, Shieldsville, Morristown, Kilkenny, Elysian. Several times the gang exchanged shots with pursuing posses.

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cheap oakley sunglasses CHARLOTTE Panthers coach Ron Rivera isn’t sure if Greg Hardy will play Sunday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers and that the team hasn’t considered releasing the Pro Bowl defensive end who is involved in a domestic violence case.Hardy was convicted July 15 of assault on a female and communicating threats, after the victim claimed he threw her down on a bed of guns and tossed her into the shower. He is appealing the ruling.Hardy played in Week 1 but Rivera deactivated him just hours before Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, and two days after the coach said Hardy would play.Rivera said Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was involved in the Hardy discussion and the team had some input from the league, but it was his decision to bench him.Hardy made $770,588.23 one seventeenth of his yearly pay despite not playing.On Monday, Hardy arrived at the stadium in his white Bentley shortly after noon wearing white shorts and a hooded white sweatshirt and sunglasses. He didn’t acknowledge media questions as he strolled into the stadium.Rivera said general manager Dave Gettleman and his staff are “doing their due diligence in terms of looking at what are options are” going forward.The decision to deactivate Hardy last Sunday was a difficult one, Rivera said.”If you play him and you win, then you don’t have a conscience; and if you play him and you lose, he’s a distraction,” Rivera said.Rivera’s decision to bench Hardy came after the Minnesota Vikings deactivated Adrian Peterson following his indictment for injuring a child cheap oakley sunglasses.

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