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Parents were eligible if their child met the criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth revision, for ADHD that is, parents rated at least six inattentive or six hyperactivity or impulsivity symptoms as being present “often” or “very often” on the ADHD rating scale IV,13 with symptom duration of at least six months, onset before age 7 years, and cross situational impairment in two or more of home, school, or social settings14; had parent reported moderate to severe sleep problems8; and met the American Academy of Sleep Medicine15 diagnostic criteria for at least one sleep disorder (for example, sleep onset association disorder, limit setting disorder, delayed sleep phase, or idiopathic or psychophysiological insomnia) or anxiety leading to insomnia.We excluded families if the child was receiving specialised sleep assistance from a psychologist or a sleep clinic, or had a serious medical condition (for example, severe cerebral palsy), intellectual disability (paediatrician record of IQ 16 and their parents had insufficient English to complete surveys. We posted eligible families an information sheet, consent form, baseline survey, and prepaid envelope for reply.Randomisation and maskingA statistician who was not involved with the study generated a randomisation schedule using a computerised random number sequence. Assignment was in a ratio of 1:1 intervention to usual care, stratified by the child’s sex.

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