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Sen. John Cornyn, R Texas, is 62. The president of South Korea, Park Geun hye, is 62. Trade in rhino horn, which is easier to smuggle than elephant tusks, is conspicuous and overlaps with the ivory trade. During the investigation, at least half the investigators’ targets offered them rhino horn items such as bracelets, cups, or powders. “For me it was surprise,” he said.

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fake ray ban sunglasses Henry and Blanche (who dislikes sharing memories of the numbers tattooed onto her arm or life in the camps) soon married and relocated to Tirschenreuth, Germany. On June 9, 1946, she gave birth to their only son, Jerry Michael Pulwer. “He was the first baby born in that town after the war,” 79 year old Blanche attests fake ray ban sunglasses.

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