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Grown man is not going to take it easy on you because you a kid out there. They going to go at you. Those opponents became casualties when DeRozan guided the Tarbabes his junior year to the Huntington Beach Ocean View championship.. The two sides have also decided to build a bridge at Kunlong, 32 km from the border in northeastern Myanmar, as part of counterinsurgency exercise. The bridge will be close to the Kokang region, where an ethnic Chinese group battled the Myanmar’s troops last year. The Irrawaddy noted that Myanmar’s “main and immediate concern is how to make use of Chinese influence on the ethnic armed organisations along the Sino Burma border.”.

I been walking my children to their elementary school for years now and have a daily front row seat.Four times since school started I had to hold my daughter back as cars drove straight through the crosswalk across the street from her school despite the blinking lights on a centre median stand; the drivers not once even glancing sideways.Two of those times the drivers were going well over the 30 km/h limit.Each and every time it leaves me first stunned at the moronic behaviour and then makes my blood boil.I joked with my wife that I was going to start bringing my lacrosse stick and handful of balls to hurl at speeding cars because I see it so often.Well pandora rings, I was only half joking. Some days it is seriously considered.This is a frequent topic of conversation and a big concern between our friends and other parents we know.While our kids attend schools all over the city deep southeast, the stories are the same: Cars speeding, people not paying attention and near misses.Many folks are in a rush in the morning, running late to work or hurrying to get somewhere as they drop their kids off. Most often it appears other parents are the worst offenders in playground zones.And it especially dangerous around many Calgary elementary schools some of which are now kindergarten to Grade 4, as opposed to the old days of kindergarten to Grade 6 where younger kids are the most vulnerable.These schools don have crossing guards as AMA runs that program and students in Grade 4 and below are deemed too young to perform those duties.Though it should go without saying, why is slowing down in playground zones so important?According to stats from the World Health Organization, pedestrians hit by a car going 30 km/h or slower have a 90% survival rate but that drops to less than 50% when hit by a car going 45 km/h.Parachute Canada, a national organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives, has similar stats, saying a pedestrian is eight times more likely to be killed if hit by a car going 50 km/h as opposed to 30 km/h.And those stats are for pedestrians in general, with small kids obviously at an elevated rate for injury or death when hit by a car.So, just over a month after the standard back to school blitz which saw cops give out more than 300 tickets for various infractions across the city it seems many folks still haven got the message.And to make matters worse, winter is here.

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