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Steve Kerr couldn t have been much pleased, and said as much postgame in his typically scathing manner, he said the millennials struggled in the first half, and the turnaround came when they put their phones down and started to defend. A sequence that had myself and most of Twitter chuckling came when Zaza Pachulia had back to back layups in the first half that were counteracted by Brook Lopez leaking out for freebies on the other end. Among the few things guaranteed to get Kerr riled up are uncalled travels, silly turnovers, and not getting back on defense, and here he turned red and screamed at Zaza, Get the back! In Zaza s defense, he was one of the best (and most consistent) players on the court, dropping in 15 points and 14 rebounds (including 7 of the offensive persuasion)..

At the community garden, we have irrigation water and gravity on our side, but we have no pump or filter. Just multiple spigots for hoses. Most of us have chosen to attach hoses we don care about to the spigot, which we then snaked across our bales.

We’d advise against putting in any cards smaller than 16GB though, as you may end up overwriting important footage sooner than you’d like.How to fit a dash camMost dashcams come with suction mounts, like a sat nav. Unlike a sat nav though, the camera should be mounted out of sight there’s cheap football jerseys no need to look at it while driving, and it could distract you. We’d recommend siting it behind the rear view mirror, which gives the lens a cheap nfl jerseys great, high up view of the road ahead.Dashcams built in batteries normally only last an hour or two, so it will need constant power from a USB port or 12V accessory socket.

“My guess is that the universal smart card is more likely to take off, just as cheap nfl jerseys the universal credit card overtook retail, store specific credit cards,” says Wharton finance professor Nicholas Souleles, who has done extensive research on consumer credit. “If you go back 20 or 30 years, retail store credit cards were important, but gradually the universal credit card overtook them. At one level it is just a matter of practicality.

Major health entitlements: Federal health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and Obamacare subsidies are also growing at an unsustainable trajectory. At 16 percent of the federal budget, defense spending is the last major category of federal spending and has been falling as a percent of the budget for the last decade. Debt held by the public is projected to balloon to 89 percent of gross domestic product driven primarily by health and Social Security spending.

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