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“Too many Americans are feeling the devastation of the opioid crisis either from misuse of prescription opioids or use of illicit opioids,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC. “Urgent action is needed to help health care providers treat pain safely and treat opioid use disorder effectively, support law enforcement strategies to reduce the availability of illicit opiates, and support states to develop and implement programs that can save lives.”.

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replica ray ban sunglasses The procedures are part of BP’s effort to upgrade its oil capture system with four vessels that can handle up to 80,000 barrels of oil a day and disconnect and move quickly if a hurricane approaches. Scientists estimate up to 60,000 barrels of oil are leaking each day into the sea, including the oil that BP’s systems collect and burn off. States bordering the Gulf of Mexico replica ray ban sunglasses.

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