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Kolet flew tankers for the Air Force during the Vietnam War and Saturday, piloted his red and white model of a Swiss made Pilatus Porter PC6, occasionally flying “candy drops,” when the model’s bomb bays unlock midflight and drop goodies for children in attendance. Air Force Song” blaring over the loudspeakers, they might have thought they traveled back in time, as the classic melody blended with the buzzing sound of fuel powered model fighters and bombers streaking through the “wild blue yonder.”.

These sources more costly to extract and process than conventional oil became profitable when oil shot above $80 a barrel. When oil breached $100 a barrel, the gold rush was on, producing the current glut.. But isn’t looking back what class reunions are all about? And though I’d never met Musolino, having grown up in Northern Virginia at the same time, I’ve remembered the destruction of Fort Hunt and ensuing investigations as being among the biggest scandals of my adolescence. Since Musolino was a star fullback on one of the strongest teams in the area that year, he was the highest profile of the kids fingered in the fire.

Honestly, you’ll pay for the rare, but anyone that loves bourbon already knows that. Weigh the cost versus wholesale jerseys when you’ll see that bourbon again.” Brad G., Louisville. Paddy’s Day, and, with March 17 falling on a Friday (and during March Break week for many Canadians), there’s no better time to go for the green. Whether you like a non stop pub crawl, parades with floats, marching bands and step dancing, or wacky local customs like the greening of fountains and rivers this year’s Friday St.

That, Ostrowsky said. Are cheap, and I don blame people. I asked Chief Camper to come and speak to a family leadership class comprised of a diverse group of parents trying to make positive changes in our community for children and families. Chief Camper gave up an entire evening of his time, and his presentation was nothing less than outstanding.

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