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My father talked about but never could afford, he said. Put up a tree with a lot of nice decorations and electric light bulbs, which was quite a treat. Christmas, he bought his daughter a set of Lionel trains. King at the Joyful Noise Gospel Concert. Jan. $20, $10 students and seniors.

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During Jefferson college years, American colonial architecture was left to craftsmen and those in the building trade. The profession of architecture was not yet imported to the colonies. Buildings of the day often had rectangular plans and were very modest.

In order to get started, I needed an image for the shirts. I took our makerspace logo and added a nifty maker themed phrase, “What will you make today?”, and our location and web site address. This yielded a nice yet simple shirt design. Ample car parking for 25 cars. Yes, the end of Cumberland Road will be busier at times, but that’s unavoidable. At times the A23 is very quiet so it will make little difference and when it’s busy the traffic has natural breaks due to the lights at the bottom of Preston Drove breaking up traffic flow.

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