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A hot wheels investment

For car enthusiasts, this is a very limited opportunity as the Northwest Territories cheap jerseys has had only three of the cars for sale.

The first one went to Hay River, the second one was transferred to a dealership in Alberta and Kingland earned the third one by achieving highest volume in a Ford sales contest, said Brent Stevens, Kingland’s general manager of sales.

“It was kind of a morale booster for the staff,” said Stevens.

The dealership has had the special edition car for a week now, and Stevens said that the vehicle has generated a lot of foot traffic. “People just come down to the dealership to see it,” he said.

The car, which features white paint with blue stripes, is selling for $198,995.

$6,000, the blue stripes alone are worth more than what some people make in a month.

But Stevens said that the asking price is cheap compared to what the automobile could be worth someday.

“It’s estimated that the car could be worth $1 million in a decade,” Stevens said. “The serious interest comes from the car enthusiasts. It will be a collectors’ (item).”.

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