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What next?Poor Sally is facing a bleak future as she stands accused of attacking Myra but will the truth come out. Her relationship with John Paul has strengthened since the revelation that she is his father but can balance finally be restored between former friends Myra and Sally?She barbed, harsh, pretty terrifying but she also has a heart Shirley is your classic EastEnders character. To be fair, we automatically adore any character played by Linda Henry but Shirley has us howling with laughter one moment, cringing awkwardly the next, and then, out of nowhere, she making us cry too.

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Replica Designer Belts The rounded green hills that the Teletubbies called home were actually part of a farm in Wimpstone Replica Hermes Belts, Warwickshire. When filming finished in 2001, the owner of the land was so sick of Teletubby fans trespassing on it that she flooded it and turned it into a pond. “People were jumping fences and crossing cattle fields. Replica Designer Belts

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