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The plastics industry is not too thrilled with the measure, saying different nations applying different rules on plastic bags will impede trade. PlasticsEurope, representing the plastics industry said of the proposed measure, “It opens the door for member states to ban not only plastic bags but other types of packaging. Such an inconsistent political framework would hinder investments and innovation and would create barriers to trade in packaged goods in Europe.”.

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I try to limit the amount of processed, refined carbohydrates I eat. So a go to breakfast that my son and I love is hardboiled eggs. We share this bowl and each have three halves. Start with recipes that only have a few steps and a few ingredients that you love. Once you start to feel more confident in your abilities, try rotating in a slightly more complicated dish from time to time. It will help you expand your skill set and enjoy new recipes without adding a ton of stress.9 Worst Breakfasts for Your Waistline (and Our Top Picks).

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