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Inside the car with him was his “robbery and murder kit,” Lewin said, describing the contents of a blue nylon bag that contained a boning knife. Lewin said a tool expert will testify that the knife is consistent with the weapon Hoynes was stabbed with. Marshall’s defense attorney, Simon Aval Cheap Prada, said one of the wounds on Hoynes’ back was 9 inches long, and said the blade of the knife found in Marshall’s bag was less than 6 inches long.

Maria knew everything because she had read it in the script, where it was described, he said. Only novelty was the idea of the butter. Controversial film made headlines in recent days after a 2013 interview surfaced in which Bertolucci said neither he nor Marlon Brando had told Schneider of their plans to use the stick of butter during the scene..

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