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methenamine hippurate, antibiotics or lactobacillus. Information was collected on methods, participants, interventions and outcomes (incidence of symptomatic UTIs, positive culture results, side effects and adherence to therapy). Risk ratios were calculated when appropriate.

Eventually he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August.”His legs were swelling but they didn’t know why. His kidneys were malfunctioning and there was something wrong with the pancreas.”Shortly after that we found out he was diabetic.””When we found out [about the cancer] it was like a death knell,” says Meads.”I thought, ‘how the hell am I going to get through this?’ I said to Verna, ‘I’ll beat the bastard’.”His medical routine includes five injections a day and taking “too many tablets to remember what they are for, but I just do as I am told”.Verna smart, kind, gracious, without a hair out of place and on trend with a “pop” of bright red lippie and purple toenails painted by her daughter and grandson says her husband is the model patient, “which surprised me no end”.When news broke about Meads’ illness he was inundated with calls from around the world offering suggestions to cure his cancer.”I’ve tried the lot, taken everything, Vitamin C, raw asparagus, lemon juice and Lourdes water from France I have a bit of that rubbed on my tummy every so often.”But a phone call from a Taranaki farmer would transform Meads’ quality of life.Vernon Coxhead, an organic dairy farmer, says: “I knew I could help him. It broke my heart to see him like that.

You enjoy building and displaying your model cars but why not add a little something extra that can set them apart from others? One way to make sure that your car stands out from the rest is to add hydraulics to it. Haven’t heard of hydraulics for a model car? Needless to say they are a little used add on that can the big difference between a cool model and an awesome one. If you want to try your hand at installing them on your model car it is rather easy to do.

Only overshadowed by the storm of the century that struck in 1993, the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl snowstorm delivered 189 inches of snow in 1959, driving itself into record books. Since it mostly struck the mountainous regions, no loss of life and property was reported. It still holds the record for the most amount of snow deposited in a single snowstorm..

Friday morning, his 3 year old daughter and 18 month old son were home with his jerseys The mother and daughter were on the couch, watching television. The son slept upstairs. We used PES NWI subscales to measure work environment scores in hospitals in the lowest (worst) quartile, interquartile range, and highest (best) quartile. These quartiles were established separately for European and US hospitals.We measured nurse burnout with the emotional exhaustion subscale of the Maslach burnout inventory,26 an instrument with established reliability and validity in international research.22 Other nurse outcomes and nurse reported measures were derived from survey items, as done in previous studies of US hospitals,10 to contrast between nurses who were dissatisfied or satisfied with their jobs; who intended or did not intend to leave their job in the next year; who reported that the quality of care on their ward was fair or poor rather than good or excellent; who were confident or less than confident that patients could manage their own care when discharged; and who were confident or less than confident that hospital management would resolve patient care problems.Using an item from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s hospital survey on patient safety culture,27 nurses gave their ward an overall grade on patient safety. With this information, we could compare nurses who gave poor or failing grades with those who gave excellent, very good, or acceptable grades.

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