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Classic cars for sale in Southeast Texas

1955 Chevy: Classic luxury meets comfort in this 1955 Chevy, equipped with a/c and a stereo. This green and white beauty “looks great inside and out,” according to the seller and features an upgraded eight cylinder engine. Plus, its negotiable $20,000 price tag is a fair, competitive price compared to similar models from that era.

1937 Lincoln Zephyr: Ride in style in a classic white 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, complete with flames that someone had to believe was an ironically cool touch. A matching pull trailer for all your extra baggage comes with car. The seller is asking for $29,000.

1923 Ford T Bucket: This 1923 Ford T Bucket will transport you to a time when cars didn’t have roofs or even that much room for a passenger. The classic rod will set you back almost cheap jerseys $13,000 but the seller assures that the car runs, drives and stops great. The seller also warns that the car isn’t a show car and therefore has some dings and scratches.

1974 Volkswagen Beetle: This bright green bug is ready to go to its new owner, as the seller has had the car painted and replaced a number of parts, including the outer tire rods, master cylinder, rear shocks, exhaust system and fuel pump. The street legal 1974 Volkswagen Beetle convertible is driveable but in need of some minor repairs, the seller explains. Added bonus: Though the owner has put a $5,000 price tag on the vehicle, he or she is willing to knock up to $2,000 off the price in trade of firearms and ammo an offer that’s hard to shoot down.

1983 CJ7 Jeep: This summer, “Jurassic World” brought us back to the excitement that made “Jurassic Park” a cinematic masterpiece and made a lot of us wish we could careen through jungles in sporty vehicles while escaping the threat of killer dinosaurs. This red 1983 CJ7 Jeep may not be the exact model used in Spielberg’s classic films, but we can dream. The car comes with a hard top and doors, and the seller assures that the car is in “very good shape all around.” Realistically, we won’t be able to dodge any wrathful dinosaurs. And on Southeast Texas’ country roads, dodging the occasional deer is as close as we’ll get. That’s probably a good thing.

1930 Ford Model A: For those not itching to get on the road immediately, this 1930 Ford Model A “Woody” is waiting for the perfect person to sweep it off its wheels and breathe new life into it. The “knuckle buster” is hanging out in the showroom at Sabine River Ford in Orange and ready to go to anyone willing to foot the $13,500 bill or best offer.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air: Perfection is manifested in this bright red 1957 Chevrolet Belair two door car, but it also comes at a high price $32,500, to be exact. The car has gone under a complete restoration; every part of the car was disassembled and replaced or restored. For a car that’s almost 60 years old with only test miles on it, there’s a chance that spending a considerable fraction of your yearly salary for this beauty could be a worthy deal.

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