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Classic cars cruise through downtown Cadiz

CADIZ, Ky. Main Street rang with the rumble of approximately 80 suped up engines Saturday afternoon as classic car owners flaunted their rides at the Cadiz Cruz In.

Princeton resident Harold Reynolds showed off his 1932 Chevrolet Confederate “Six Wheel” sedan. The car is black with chrome and beige trim, red lines and rims and has a polished wood interior.

Reynolds said he’s had the car for four years and spent the better part of three years approximately 3,000 hours restoring it. Working on old cars is a bit of a hobby for Reynolds. He started with cheap jerseys a Ford Model T and has restored six cars since.

Barrie Mellinger, Cadiz, also enjoys restoring classic cars. Although it isn’t a cheap hobby, he said he has been doing it since 1984.

Mellinger brought out his 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS, which he said was a wreck when he bought it in 1999. He spent the last 12 years restoring it.

Parked next to the Impala was a 1964 Dodge Dart Golden Anniversary V8 owned by Cadiz residents Chuck and Bonnie Spalding.

Chuck Spalding said they bought the car about a year ago at an auction at the Paducah Expo Center. He said he got the car for a steal at $7,000. He believes it is easily worth $20,000.

The car is completely original, white with gold and chrome trim, and still has the original engine and tires. Spalding said that this is one of a long line of classic cars he has owned, but it is his first Dodge.

“I’m a Chevy guy, but I’m beginning to appreciate Dodge.” he said.

The Cadiz Cruz In is a monthly event, April to September, in downtown Cadiz. Tom and Gale Revellette have been the organizers for the past two years. They usually expect to see a hundred or more cars at the event.

“The Cruz In is an opportunity for car lovers to show off their cars, socialize and have a good time,” said Gale Revellette. “We don’t limit the event to certain car years or anything. All are welcome.”.

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