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4 NL Fans Killed In Brutal All NEW YORK the deadliest clash to date in the bitter and fierce rivalry, four National League fans were reportedly killed Tuesday when vicious riots erupted at Citi Field following the 2013 MLB All Star game. An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that the violent clashes flared up soon after the final out was recorded in the AL All Stars 3 0 win and a
wholesale jerseys china group of die hard American League fans engaged in a savage parking lot brawl against supporters of their hated National League rivals. is a black day for baseball, said MLB commissioner Bud
authentic cheap jerseys Selig, condemning the behavior of both AL and NL fans that led to one man being stabbed, another trampled and two seemingly bludgeoned to death amid furious and emotional postgame rioting. strong passions surrounding the
cheap jerseys china All Star game are no excuse for lawlessness, much less violence. to NYPD reports, the riots began when several hooligans with AL logo tattoos and jerseys physically assaulted an NL fan who had allegedly shouted several obscenities about designated

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