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Why sporty shoppers are shunning boardwear brands

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Snowboarding: not a high priority this year. Photograph: Mike Chew/Corbis

Another day, another dose of bad news from the fashion world. This time it’s authorized canada goose outlet the turn of the outdoor clothing company Blacks Leisure, which issued a profit warning after sales at its boardwear brands Freespirit and O’Neill dropped by almost 11% over Christmas.

It’s fairly safe to assume that purveyors of ‘surf, skate and snow’ gear will be hit particularly hard by the market slump. Who can can you machine wash canada goose jacket afford expensive leisure activities and skiing trips right now? In benefits of canada goose jacket 2009, it’s all about the good old British caravan holiday.

O’Neill and Freespirit target their clothes at wannabe boarders as well as genuine extreme sports fans, of course. The reason they’re struggling with thus audience is simple: price.

Despite all the talk in fashion magazines about ‘investment buys’ and pieces that will last, it’s sorely tempting for the average consumer to buy more for less – even if this means compromising on quality. can you dry clean a canada goose coat

In fact, that seems to be exactly what’s happening: budget retailer New Look is reporting a rise in profits, while pricier Marks & Spencer is laying its staff off.

Unfortunately for O’Neill and Freespirit, their prices are just too high for these tough times. A quick look online reveals that an O’Neill cotton cable knit cardigan costs around buying a canada goose jacket online £60, but rival brands such as Uniqlo can offer a similar item for just £15.

So what do you think? Are you an investment buyer? Or are you prepared to sacrifice quality for quantity to make your money go further?

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