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In 2012, the software was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Vanderby says, and it is being used in human studies to monitor treatment of injuries to hand tendons, the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia in the foot. “In plantar fasciitis, it’s hard to tell whether a treatment is helping,” says Vanderby. By producing images that immediately map and quantify damage, he hopes the Echometrix software can measure the pace of healing and identify the best therapies..

Once people often residents and employees find spaces, they spend the day feeding meters. It’s cheap. Shoppers, who are the most valuable parkers to local businesses, cannot find spaces easily, though they invariably take a few laps looking in vain..

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Nextday’s analysis ranks cities according to the estimated time to recoup the price of a three bedroom residence via Airbnb rentals. Vancouver places 68th out of the 75 cities considered, at 214 months. A standard rental would take 341 months, which sounds long but which puts Vancouver at 46th out of 75..

That base price is for the S trim line with five speed manual transmission and no air conditioning. If you want a/c on the S trim, the price rises to $13,298, because it’s bundled with a four speed automatic and cruise control. The only way to get air and a stick shift together is to move up to the SV trim, which starts at $13,698.

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