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life’s lonely when you are the only brownie

bakeware factory A: Princess Elizabeth (now ) became colonel in chief of the Grenadier Guards in 1942. She reviewed the troops at the changing of the guard for the first time in 1947. This was also the first time the ceremony took place after the end of World War II. bakeware factory

silicone mould “We don’t have any blueprints for the building,” Harris said. “To the best of my knowledge, they don’t exist.” Although it’s likely the towering the structure overlooking the bay will remain private for years to come, it continues to be a source of community pride, gracing telephone books, calendars, Web sites and all varieties of promotion. In 1950, Carson Mansion was a classic white elephant silicone mould, Hillman said. silicone mould

plastic mould Finally, upon reading the many adorable Letters to Santa that we started to receive here at the Cold Lake Sun, I thought back to the many Christmas letters that I would write to Santa when I was a little kid. I vividly remember scanning every page of the Sears Wishbook as I compose my list. I remember being 8 or 9 years old and desperately wanting one of those Furby toys but once I got it became my worst nightmare as it came alive during the night and kept waking me up as it wanted me to feed it (who else remembers Furbys?).. plastic mould

cake decorations supplier Beatles for Sale: If you remember where you were on Dec. 8, 1980, you’ll want to join the Beatles tribute band, Beatles for Sale, for the 30th anniversary concert in memory of John Lennon. At 268 Washington St., Leominster (take Route 2 to Exit 31A, Route 12 South, after Health Alliance Hospital, take slight right onto Washington Street). cake decorations supplier

fondant tools For many, the smell of the Autumn air conjures up memories of pumpkin picking, hay rides, corn mazes, and other fall favorites that have been a tradition on Long Island for generations. For others, the short days and chill in air means one thing it’s almost time for Halloween the spookiest time of the year. Whether you’re in for a scare, or you’re looking to create cherished memories with your family, Halloween Season has something to offer for everyone on Long Island from the edges of Nassau County, all the way to the East End. fondant tools

kitchenware Construction is almost complete on Beach House Assisted Living Memory Care facility, so a celebration was in order. On July 10, Beach House hosted A Night at the Museum (the Beaches Museum History Park) to introduce itself to the community. The new Jacksonville Beach assisted living and memory care facility for people aged 62 and older is located at the corner of Second Avenue North and Palm Tree Road, a mile from the beach and just a few blocks from the museum. kitchenware

decorating tools Though in one case, they were at least nice enough to put their urine in a bottle. Not everyone is so considerate.” The real mystery here is that the bathrooms are roughly four feet away, so you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard for a customer to choose the correct door. Maybe their bladder and sphincter let go involuntarily because their body says, “We’re lowering our pants? In a stall of some sort? We must be in a bathroom! Let ‘er rip!”The worst part is their solution to running out of toilet paper decorating tools.

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