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This includes contracts for community pulmonary rehabilitation (434030), anticoagulation management (287408), and audiology (value unknown)CCG board members with declared interests in South Doc Services between 2013 2015 were:Naresh Chauhan, South Doc company director (stepped down from CCG board October 2014)Mukesh Bhardwaj, minor shareholder in South Doc Services (Andrew Coward, minor shareholder in South Doc Services (Asfia Aftab, husband is freelance GP locum at Katie Road urgent care centre run by South Doc ServicesHow conflicts are managed CCG’s conflict of interest policy requires members that declare an interest to “abstain from taking part in any decision”The mitigating action taken to address conflicts is determined by the CCG chair in consultation with at least two other non conflicted members of the governing bodyNHS Bedfordshire CCGCCG awarded at least 366000 of contracts to Horizon Health Choices, a general practice federation owned by local GPs, for services such as anticoagulation clinics Replica Hermes Belts, community dermatology, and improving access to psychological therapiesCCG board member (until September 2015) Peter Parry Okeden was chairman of Horizon Health Choices until March 2013How conflicts of interest are managedIf the board member holds a directorship with an organisation that is bidding for a contract, the policy is for conflicted directors to leave the room if a discussion is taking placeThe CCG employs auditors Baker Tilly to carry out annual reviews of its conflicts of interest policy and practice. The most recent review found no major risks but made some recommendations, mostly around ensuring the declaration of interests log was kept up to dateThe CCG also uses an external organisation Attain to manage many of its procurements. Its role includes ensuring compliance with conflict of interest rulesNHS Canterbury and Coastal CCGWhitstable Medical Practice has been awarded contracts totalling 1.9m since April 2013 for range of services, including a minor injury unit (777333), cataract surgery (537240), physical therapies (203000) Replica Hermes Belts, and non obstetric ultrasonography (114 511)CCG board member John Ribchester is a partner at Whitstable Medical Practice, a large practice that provides numerous additional services beyond core general practice.

VIDA: Definitely. I feel like, you know, you get off the plane and the physical you has arrived Replica Belts, but it takes a while for the emotional and mental you to catch up. And you literally, sometimes, don’t even have the currency of the country at hand. The endocardial and epicardial boundaries of the anterior and posterior wall of the M mode echograms were digitised offline together with the LV pressure trace. The digitising system had a sampling velocity of 100/s and three cardiac cycles were digitised. For measurements of LV dimensions, the onset of the Q wave of the ECG was taken as LV end diastole, and end systole was taken as the point of maximal velocity of decline of LV pressure.14.

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